Academic Biography

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brigham Young University, where I was advised by Michael J. Larson. Following graduation, I did a post-baccalaureate in Dr. Larson’s lab for one year. There my research focused on evaluating and refining models of adaptive control and then applying that work across several traditional diagnostic categories, such as depression, anxiety, and autism.

I earned my doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where I was supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. At UCLA, I was mentored by Gregory A. Miller and Cindy M. Yee-Bradbury at UCLA, and my graduate research continued to focus on understanding adaptive control functioning in healthy and psychopathology, including schizophrenia.

I completed my postdoctoral fellowship in Michael F. Green‘s lab with the support of the VA’s Advanced Fellowship in Mental Illness Research and Treatment. In the Green lab, I investigated the impact of reward processing and motivation on adaptive control in schizophrenia.

In January 2020, I joined the clinical area of the psychology department of the University of South Florida. I plan on admitting a student for Fall 2021.

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